NFT Collection AfroDroids By Owo Price, Stats, and Review

AfroDroids By Owo Collection Sales Stats for 24h / 7d / 30d

Sales Volume Sales Average Price
0.05 ETH (+0%) 0.04 ETH (+0%) 0.05 ETH (-55%) 0 (+0%) 4 7 0 ETH ($0) 0.01 ETH ($16.17) 0.01 ETH ($11.59)

What is AfroDroids By Owo?

AfroDroids By Owo is a ERC721 non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network launched in September 1, 2021. 12097 items of the AfroDroids By Owo collection can now be viewed at OpenSea.

AfroDroids By Owo

AfroDroids By Owo
ReleaseSeptember 1, 2021
Total Assets12097
Creator earnings4%
Developer(s)0xc1fd08ace7bbb59c405755a49063497dd9228949, 0x6c0636cd05639467d041a08f44f8bf48a1fff1b1

AfroDroids By Owo All Time Sales Report

The AfroDroids By Owo NFT collection currently holds a market capitalization of 119.75 ETH. Since its creation, there have been 6022 collection sales with an average price of 0.08 ETH (approximately $126.87 at the time of writing), resulting in a total volume of 467.863 ETH. The floor price for AfroDroids By Owo is 0.0099, and the 30-day trading volume is maintained at 0.05 ETH.

AfroDroids By Owo NFT Examples

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