NFT Collection Invasion Pass Price, Stats, and Review

Invasion Pass Collection Sales Stats for 24h / 7d / 30d

Sales Volume Sales Average Price
0.41 ETH (+101%) 0.18 ETH (+208%) 0.41 ETH (+5%) 2 (+100%) 13 31 0.01 ETH ($24.41) 0.01 ETH ($22.65) 0.01 ETH ($21.84)

What is Invasion Pass?

Invasion Pass is a ERC1155 non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network launched in December 30, 2021. 1 items of the Invasion Pass collection can now be viewed at OpenSea.

Invasion Pass

Invasion Pass
ReleaseDecember 30, 2021
Total Assets1
Creator earnings5%
Developer(s)0x22754561456bfe3cb9a4767d6fb27c7d0ee72bf6, 0x92577e2807e9b1642d8d21c9ec7db1465de839d2

Invasion Pass All Time Sales Report

The Invasion Pass NFT collection currently holds a market capitalization of 0.01 ETH. Since its creation, there have been 14617 collection sales with an average price of 0.21 ETH (approximately $349.24 at the time of writing), resulting in a total volume of 3,126.085 ETH. The floor price for Invasion Pass is 0.019, and the 30-day trading volume is maintained at 0.41 ETH.

Invasion Pass NFT Examples

Creepz Invasion Pass

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